Pink Ribbon Brunch 2022

Now when all the dishes are done, the kitchen is clean and those pretty 3-tier plates went to their boxes until next year we can download some photos and write a few words.
The 3rd Pink Ribbon Brunch by CakeLabNZ was held on the the15th of May this year. The biggest event for us so far, there were about 40 guests. This time we collaborated with the Brac & Bow team as they not only agreed to host us at the Joy Cowley Room of The Royal Hotel but also offered their great hospitality. The style of the room suits high-tea brunch very well and when it was decorated with flowers, and tables were set up with beautiful china it started looking just perfect! Tea and coffee fragrances along with a  small talk buzz filled the air when guests started arriving. People enjoyed the food, the beautiful atmosphere and the great service.

It was the 3rd year of hosting the Pink Ribbon Brunch and the best one so far. We want to thank everyone who came to experience our high-tea, the Brac & Bow team for their amazing hospitality and support. Thanks to everyone who participated somehow, we appropriate your help a lot.
We’ve gained $1200 to donate to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. There’s no chance to step down and hopefully we’ll see you in May 2023 again!